Free Bitcoins



Qoinpr is currently GIVING away free Bitcoins every 24 hours. I have no idea how long this will last as they said in a press statement that it wont last forever. To earn free Bitcoins all you need to do is signup on their website and your Bitcoins will be deposited daily! It costs nothing to signup and they don’t send spam emails.

Bitcoin faucets give out very small amount of Bitcoins for free. Typically all you need to do is enter a captcha on  a page with a lot of advertising.  Think of them as faucets dripping water droplets.  It may not seem like much at first, but eventually your sink will overflow!

This page had a huge list of Faucets; however, we have found that using saves you a ton of time as you don’t have to click on every link, they automatically take you to the next faucet, and keeps track of your timers for you!

Below is a much smaller list of the Highest Paying Faucets:

FreeBitCo -Enter a Captcha every hour and you can win up to 0.28715462+ btc/hr (~$180)!

DailyBitCoins -Earn free Bitcoins, advertising credits, and gambling credits hourly! Simply enter your Bitcoin wallet and the Captcha hourly to win. You can win up to 7,200 uBTC/day ~($40/day).

Daily Free Bits  - Enter a Captcha every 6 hours.  Win up to 4800 Satoshi (48 μBTC)/day. – Hit “Free Bitcoins” in the middle, Get 200 Satoshi every 10 minutes!